Friday, October 29, 2010

Reconnecting with our Identity, Origins and Relatedness to All Things

Good Shield Aguilar, Lakota-Yaqui Musician, Sings about Origin and Honor

Good Shield Aguilar
With all the terrible things going on around us every day, we sometimes need to be reminded of our identity, origins, connections and relatedness.   After all, it is only our world view and spirituality that distinguishes us from the wasichus (whites).  

One of the best ways to take a step back, contemplate, reflect upon and remember who we really are is through music. 

Good Shield Aguilar - Lakota-Yaqui Musician is a native singer-songwriter living in "Yurok Country" who says and does it very well, indeed.  To see a video of his performance of the following two songs, click on the YouTube link below.  Better yet, click on his name and visit his MySpace page.

From Origin Song:
I am sitting here in my place of connection, a connection that indigenous creatures have as our flesh and features are mirrored within the geography, within the soil and our relatives, those who nourish us so that we'll go on, those who teach us so we'll understand, and those who remind us so that we won't forget our origin.

From Honor Song:
Awake.  May the dream begin again from its dormant state as the great floodwaters have now parted.  Rebirth is eminence, turbulence, inevitable. Part of the way of creation and perpetual balance, chaos and beauty.  Awake now and carry the responsibilities of endlessness, messengers of timelessness.


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