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15th Protecting Mother Earth Conference

If you are planning on attending the Protecting Mother Earth conference this summer and plan on flying out – please book your tickets now – flight prices are supposed to increase substantially in the next week or so. Thank you and hope to see you soon!

15th Protecting Mother Earth Conference
July 17-20, 2008

"Enough is enough. This earth is our mother. If we keep on contaminating her and abusing her where are we going to go? Everything should come to a standstill and we should take a look at ourselves and what we are doing to the earth.
Carrie Dann
Western Shoshone Grandmother

As Western Shoshone, we are honored to welcome our brothers and sisters from around the world to our beautiful homeland, share with you our struggle, and learn about your struggles and strong works in your own homelands. This conference will be an important opportunity for Indigenous peoples and our allies to come together in a good way to strengthen our solidarity and find ways to work together to protect our Mother Earth for all life. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Thank you,
Larson Bill
Western Shoshone Defense Project

July 17-20th, 2008

Newe Sogobe (Western Shoshone) Territories

Located at the (So Ho Bee) South Fork Pow-Wow Grounds in
Lee, Nevada (approximately 22 miles South of Elko, Nevada)

Traditional Gathering – Sacred Fire, Sweats, Camping Style, Circle Talks - Meals provided, bring your own reusable eating utensils. Donations welcomed at the entrance, but not required, please leave dogs and pets home.

Click Here to Signup for the conference online.

Véase abajo para Versión española

For more information, contact:

Simone Senogles, IEN, (218) 751-4967,
Email: simone@ienearth.org

Larson Bill, WSDP, (775) 744-2595,
Email: wsdp@igc.org

For printable flyer and Agenda please check out our website:

Topics To Include:
Traditional L.A.W.S. (Land, Air, Water, Sun); Mineral Extraction, Energy, Climate Change, Water; Rescinding the Doctrine of Discovery; Food Sovereignty; Un-Doing Colonialism; Youth Activities; Organizing and Action Trainings; Indigenous-Based Environmental Protection & Ecological Knowledge.

Hosted by: Western Shoshone Defense Project (WSDP)
Sponsored by: Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)

For assistance in travel or hotel arrangements, contact: JUST TRAVEL (775-738-9847)

There is an AMTRAK Station in
Elko, NV - for schedules click here.

We are able to help coordinate rides for those who wish to rideshare

Free shuttles are available for those taking the train or flying into
Elko, NV

No Alcohol, No Smoking of Marijuana and Illegal Drug Use

Daycare Available

Camping available~ Camping is free at the site. Some local host homes will also be available (Elders and international guests will be given priority)

Note: Nearest hotel (at your own cost) is 30 miles away from conference site.

Craft/art booths are available for a small fee on a first come first serve basis.

Donations needed: The Indigenous Environmental Network and the Western Shoshone Defense Project would like to thank those who have donated funding and or volunteer time to the conference. If you have not already given and would like to help support the conference we are still in need of donated funds to help us bring people in on travel scholarships, particularly youth who need travel assistance. Donations of frequent flyer tickets are also very welcome!

Volunteers make the Protecting Mother Earth Conference possible: We still need many volunteers!

Weather~ Gathering place is hot during the day (80's Fahrenheit), and chilly (40's Fahrenheit) in the evenings. Be prepared for hiking, walking in the water, and being near the mountains.

This Conference may be photographed or video taped. By submitting your registration for the Conference you are consenting to being photographed and video taped while attending and for the potential use of your image for education and informational purposes.

For Craft Booths, Rideshare postings, Elko Shuttle, Donations and Volunteering, as well as general questions, please contact Simone at 218-751-4967 or simone@ienearth.org

15th Conferencia "Protejiendo a la Tierra Madre"
Respondiendo a la Llamada de Recuperacion de La Tierra Madre - Reafirmado Nuestras Raices.

Los temas a tratarse incluyen:
Leyes Tradicionales (relacionadas con la tierra, el aire, el agua y el sol);
Calentamiento Global, Cambio Climático y Energia atravéz de las Enseñanzas Indígenas;
Junta de la Juventud y los Ancianos (personas mayores) de la Tribu;
Anulando la Doctrina del Descubrimiento. ~

Chasquido Aquí a Signup para la conferencia en línea.

Imagen de Chasquido para Ver Escenas de la Conferencia del Año Pasado
Western Shoshone Defense Project

Presentado por el Projecto de Defensa Shoshone del Oeste (PDSO)

Reunion Tradicional: Estilo Acampar
Territorio Newe Gogobe

Pour plus de renseignements, contactez :

Julie Fishel, IEN, 775-744-2595,

Larson Bill, WSDP, (775) 744-2595,
Courrier électronique: wsdp@igc.org

Para asistencia en arreglos de viaje u hospedaje, pongase en contacto con JUST TRAVEL (775-738-9847)

Pronóstico del Tiempo~El lugar de reunión es muy caluroso durante el día (80° F/ 27°C) y frío al anochecer (40°F/4.5°C). Esté preparado para excursiones a pie (senderismo), caminatas por lugares con agua y cerca de montañas.

Correo electrónico para más información o llamada

Lugar Disponible para Acampar ~ Usted puede acampar sin costo alguno en el terreno donde la conferencia se lleva a cabo. También habra algunas casas particulares dispuestas a tomar huespedes (estas darán prioridad a las personas ancianas y a los huéspedes internacionales)

El hotel mas cercano (estos gastos corren por su propia cuenta) está a 30 millas (48 Kilómetros)
del lugar de la Conferencia.

Comidas serán proporcionadas. Por favor Traiga Sus Propios Utensilios de Comida Reutilizables

Los alimentos serán proveidos durante la reunion sin cargo adicional (gratis)
Correo electrónico para más información o llamada

The Indigenous Environmental Network • PO Box 485Bemidji • MN • 56619

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